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Proposal 4: Integrated WAP version for mobile phones

This function will allow the users accessing a website from their mobile phones to be
better oriented in the flurry of the information that a website contains. A WAP interface
for administrators of the website will be provided as well, which will make site
administration an easier task.

Detailed description:
I am Edvard Ananyan, a 19 years old undergraduate student at Yerevan State
University majoring in Applied Math and Applied Physics (Department of Physics)
and highly interested in computer science. For more info about me, please visit

I suggest building WAP interfaces for Joomla that will give both users and administrators
an opportunity to access Joomla from their mobile phones. Minor appropriate changes will
be made to Joomla core in order to make this new feature possible. I will try to build an
autocomplete while typing future which will significantly facilitate web-surfing. A script
for detecting whether a page request is made from a PC or a mobile phone, and sending the
correct version to the browser should be written as well.

The project consists of the following steps:
  1. Creating a new template for users, where information will be displayed in
    a cell-phone friendly manner.
  2. Testing the results (this is to be done before the mid-term)
  3. Creating a new template for admins, where they will have access to all administration
    functions from their phone screens.
  4. Testing the results.
  5. Writing documentation.
I will use the following tools:
  1. PHP
  2. As much Jaoomla API as possible
  3. WML 1.1, WML Script, WMLScript Compiler (maybe Nokia Mobile internet Toolit)
  4. WinWap - Wap browser for Desktop PCs

With my participation in GSoC I hope to make new contacts with my colleagues around the world, and, of course, to get valuable knowledge, skills, and experience.

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