Google Summer of Code Proposals

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Proposal 3: Multilingual site

Since Joomla is a worldwide CMS, there is a language problem, which is yet
to be solved. By default, the most accessible languages for certain
geographical region are to be installed. For example, consider a site that
has English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese versions
available, and a user, who enters the site for the first time
from Canada. Not only the English, but also the French version of the site is being
loaded giving the user an opportunity to switch to French and back to English instantly,
so there is no need to request the translation from the server for the two
most common languages in Canada.

Detailed description:
I am Edvard Ananyan, a 19 years old undergraduate student at Yerevan State
University majoring in Applied Math and Applied Physics (Department of Physics)
and highly interested in computer science. For more info about me, please visit

I offer to make it possible creating multi-language sites (the number of
languages is unlimited) with an opportunity for administrators to pre-arrange
loading of the most common languages by default dependent on the geographic
location of the user.

The project consists of the following steps:
  1. Creating an interface for administrators, where they can choose
    the languages.
  2. Making changes to the add-an-article component for placing selected
    translations of articles, including all necessary menus and etc.
  3. Rewriting URL-s (e.g. or
  4. Testing the results (this is to be done before the mid-term)
  5. Researching regions and choosing the common languages for each region.
  6. Making possible using Google translator for the cases, when the language
    is included, but an article is not translated yet.
  7. Writing the required documentation
I will use the following tools:
  1. PHP
  2. As much Joomla API as possible

With my participation in GSoC I hope to make new contacts with my colleagues around the world, and, of course, to get valuable knowledge, skills, and experience.
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